Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hola friends!

This week has been full of excitement, and it is only Wednesday! On Sunday I went to a different church—this one was in the capital and was so amazing. They are a big body, so big that they now meet in a tent outside until their new building is finished! Of course, this made me think of my church family at home and our new building. I miss you all very much, but it is awesome to witness Him working here, too! How cool! Also, we sang Mighty to Save! It was awesome! The sermon was about daddies, and I certainly missed mine (and still do!). However, I got to talk to him on the phone for a while and that was so good. Attention internet world: I have the best parents in the world!

Monday I went out shopping with one of my friends and had some ice cream under the Golden Arches – some things are universal! ☺ Yesterday my host family took me to see the baby whose party I went to again. She is so sweet! I find myself afraid to talk to her too much, though: she is just learning how to speak and I don’t think I can be of much assistance! However, hugs are bilingual and can’t be mispronounced! ☺

Yesterday my host dad said something very interesting. He wants to learn to speak English because he wants to be able to help tourists who are lost here. “How sad it is to watch them be so confused and to be completely unable to communicate, unable to help. We can’t connect like that.” I feel like there was some deeper truth there, deeper than just language differences. Jesus came here to “speak our language,” to connect, and to really LIVE with us. The Creator of the Universe came HERE and lived our language, so we wouldn’t have to be unconnected, looking and not finding. Wow. Please join me in rejoicing in THAT!

Today I will be going to see Toy Story 3 in Spanish! I am very excited about this! Also, it is 2 for 1 day at the theater, so I am getting a good deal! ☺ Jaco is on the agenda for this weekend – it is our first beach experience here and I am looking forward to it! I will be sure to post pictures here upon my return!

My presentation went well on Monday; thank you very much for your prayers!

Love from Central America,
Costa Rica Chica

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